Marlon is an incredibly skilled SEO who will go above and beyond to get you the search engine results you are looking for. He was able to get multiple websites from page 2 and 3 to the front page of Google and more than doubled their revenue. If you want incredible results, I would highly recommend you hire Marlon.
Stefan Haacker, Owner at Liquid Canyon Inc
In the time that I’ve known of Marlon’s work and talent I’ve been nothing but impressed. He has a real talent for helping people and developing solutions for their businesses to achieve their goals with online traffic through the skill use of SEO. Highly recommended!
Mark Jeanes, Nationally Recognised Online Entrepreneur
Marlon and Search Supremacy really deliver as promised. Marlon is one of the top SEOs in the field, and he was able to really drive results in my business. I’d be happy to work with him again, and strongly recommend him to any company that needs increased revenue.
Scott Schneider, La Clave Marketing
Marlon is result-driven. I had the opportunity to work with him on a project and I was impressed by his discipline, SEO knowledge and the unique perspective he brings to the table. I appreciate your hard work and dedication you put into your projects, Marlon!
Ivann Mancilla, 22Social
Marlon was fantastic to work with. Marlon did an exceptional job on the recent project. Reliable SEO. Highly organized, responsible and insightful. Lots of work and little talk. Deliver results and move on. That’s Marlon’s way.

Paul Choong
Marlon is in the top 1% of SEO’s in the world. I recommend him and the Search Supremacy team for SEO and digital marketing if you’re really serious about taking your business to the next level.

Chad Feingold, Innovative Digital Marketing
Collaborating with Marlon Nuqui and Search Supremacy always yields outstanding results! When it comes to SEO, he is definitely in his prime and is passionate about exceeding expectations. I would recommend Marlon to any business truly serious about expanding. – Troy Varnado III
Troy Varnado III, Varnado Web Solutions
If you ever receive the opportunity to work with Marlon, you should take it. He’s incredibly knowledgeable in SEO and can help any business build their online exposure and traffic.

Chase Bailly
Marlon is a true professional and gets results. He offers a fresh perspective among all the hype that is available online. As I have worked with Marlon, I have found him to be knowledgeable and determined in his field. I would highly recommend his services in online marketing and advertising.

Erik Grebner, Owner at Erik Grebner Services
Marlon is awesome at SEO. He took care of my personal training business and ranked me on the first page of google for a very competitive term. I was very happy with the result and he looked after my reputation online brilliantly.

David Murphy
Marlon and Search Supremacy is a marketing company you can trust. Marlon has the expertise in SEO like no other and get any business new streams of customers. I highly recommend Search Supremacy.

Mads 'Matt' Siegenfeldt, The Digital Hive US
Marlon at the helm of Search Supremacy has fused together expertise and resources to create a service that can beat just about anything. He has consistently taken businesses to the forefront of their industries and builds a valuable foundation that keeps them there. Get a hold of Marlon.
Linden Schwark, vancouver
Marlon has a master’s command of SEO and how to get any website on page one of Google. He explained concepts and methods that I didn’t know existed, but will greatly have a positive impact on my business. Search Supremacy can get any website on page one of Google and should be your first call for SEO and digital marketing services.
Todd Templeton, Vertical Stealth Digital
Working with Marlon and his company Search Supremacy was one of the most enriching experiences I have had during my professional career.
Search Supremacy methods can guarantee great results to every business looking for increase their income and visibility.
Looking forward to working together again.

Jorge Marcoux, Magno
Marlon has always stood out to me as someone who really knows his stuff! We’ve been in some of the same circles for years now and his wealth of knowledge in all things digital marketing, especially SEO, is something to behold. Marlon’s a great guy and he takes care of his clients assuring the greatest quality and results in his work.

Avram Gonzales, The Boulder Expert
Marlon is a true professional in the SEO industry. I’ve collaborated on a few projects with him and each time he’s successfully delivered his part. Not only is Marlon a great business partner, but as well a person in general. I highly recommend him for any projects to boost your business to the next level!

Elaine Rosales

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